lips01         hand01



video installation, loop duration approx. 14.30 min. /Hi8 transferred to DVD,

2 monitors (face-to-face), 2 DVD player, 2 stands, dimensions variable


The dialogue between the two images in the video installation 'I love you', which seems at first seen as sado-masochistic love play, deals with a variety of social dependencies: love and hate, sexuality and aggression, command and obedience, power and acquiescence, sin and atonement. The words „I love you“, you probably could hear and read hundred times a day in media. It is such banal and such important. By repeating the phrase, the woman on monitor 1 eliminates, proves the language in order to rebirth its meaning. She is a stereotypic portrayal of male fantasies. On the one hand, she promises love not only through the words used but also through the significant red lips that immediately trigger sexual responses. On the other, a strange combination of aggression and ecstasy breaks the promise. The image of the woman is impersonal. You cannot see her eyes and the viewer is not sure if she is talking to him, to an imaginary partner or to herself. However at the same time, the purity of her white skin and her platinum blonde hair framing her face give her an aura of innocence and naivety. She embodies an artificial sexuality that fits the patriarchal ideal – saint and whore.